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Integration and normalization of society’s most vulnerable groups

The area of Social Action dedicates its efforts toward the integration and normalization of society’s most vulnerable groups and to developing initiatives --  organized by the foundation on its own or in collaboration with other organizations -- in order to reach our strategic goals. These include working toward professionalizing Third Sector groups, the reintegration of excluded individuals, the prevention of high-risk behavior among young people, and social interventions by means of programs that improve the quality of life of marginalized groups.



  • 1,529

    Family members of people suffering from Alzheimer’s have benefitted from the Paraguas Alzheimer’s Network Program since 2013.

  • 28,573

    Students have participated in social prevention programs related to health and offensive behavior since 2011 / 6,284 in 2016.

  • 839

    organizations represented in 6 federations and 1 governmental agency in the Más Social National program.

  • 4,221

    Participants in programs aimed toward reducing school drop-out rates among young people in at-risk situations / 1,995 in 2016.